Made in Spain - Essence

Kanna has manufactured all its collections for 30 years in the birthplace of the brand, the area of La Encarnación, belonging to the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia). The birthplace of the production of espadrilles and the use and production of jute.


The entire production process takes place in Spain, working with the best workshops in the country and with artisans from the area who use an age-old technique called "blanket stitch", a hand-stitched technique through which the leather is joined to the jute sole.


At Kanna, we are aware of local development and tradition. Passionate about the satisfaction of a job well done and sure of our values and instincts. Committed to our customers and the excellence of the products we put on the market.


We are a team of more than 70 people who work for the quality of our designs, the production process and the excellence of the workmanship. A united team that works with passion uniting all our knowledge to develop unique products that provide the greatest comfort and satisfaction after the purchase.


Every day we look for innovation in manufacturing, with the sole objective of protecting and conserving the environment, through various projects and always bearing in mind the importance of our legacy.


At Kanna, we continue to carry out a large part of our work in an artisanal way, making it coexist with the latest technology. Thanks to the experience and feel of our artisans, each piece, material and finished product is of high quality; something that makes them unique.

Jute - Identity

The basis of our brand and the manufacture of our products is jute, a natural fiber that comes with an age-old tradition and originates in the northwest area of the Murcia region, the place of birth and main site of our brand.


The soles of our espadrilles, wedges and sneakers are made in a traditional and artisanal way, using top quality jute.


We make skeins of yarn with the jute and in some cases we dye them to have colored soles. Then specialized machines make braids. Afterwards, the braid is worked manually on a rotating table to achieve the shape of the sole. Then the sole is sewn across to give it consistency, and finally a layer of natural rubber is added to the base using the technique of vulcanizing. This process is also carried out in our region, thus preserving the local essence of our brand and ensuring the highest quality.


Caravaca de la Cruz is the home and the birthplace of jute production in Spain where for several generations this material has been worked in a completely artisanal way. Known as "the gold fiber", jute is a 100% natural, biodegradable and recyclable material. The way jute is obtained is completely respectful of the environment.

Handmade (blanket stitch) - Craft

The current process of the production of the espadrilles is in numerous ways similar to that of centuries ago. What makes our summer collections different and easily recognizable is the handmade touch of the blanket stitch.


The blanket stitch is used by artisans of the northwest area of Murcia in the process of joining pieces of natural leather and the jute soles together.


Each and every one of our products in which this sewing can be seen has been made by hand by our artisans.

Natural leather - quality

Being aware of the value of our raw material, we work with the best suppliers that treat the leather with the greatest respect for the environment, not only through the mechanisms used in the tanning and manufacturing processes, but also in the dyes and products used for the treatments applied. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of the leather and our commitment to the environment.


Kanna is a brand with clear ecological connotations and respect for the environment, that's why we only use natural materials.


Jute fiber, cotton canvas, linen, silk and raffia, among others, are some of the most used materials in our products. Without forgetting leather of highest quality, which we also use for the collections.


Each season a selection of fashion materials is made, choosing the most current ones of the highest quality. Once these materials have been cut and sewn, they are used to turn the personality of Kanna into finished products.


We work with first quality materials by making our sandals manually with great care

made in Spain

We manufacture 100% in Spain. We protect craftsmanship as it was done 80 years ago

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