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A brand designed by and for women, who put for quality and comfort by creating models in trend

Over 30 years in the sector

Kanna was founded in 1985 by the brothers Juan and Tomás De La Cerda. The DNA and foundation of Kanna is the manufacturing of handmade jute shoes crafted with the regional technique called “punto ojal”, being the attachment of the sole to the upper 100% hand-sewn.


Kanna is located in the enclave of “La Encarnación” (Caravaca de la Cruz, Region of Murcia), an area recognized for its tradition in the manufacturing of handcrafted jute products and various archaeological discoveries such as the “Cueva Negra”.




Currently, Kanna is one of the leading footwear brands in Spain within the shoe industry. Design, quality, comfort and originality define our collections, providing a wide range of products both in summer and winter.






Capiccio S.L is a family business with a professional structure organized in the following areas: Design, production, logistics, sales, administration and customer service. Currently, KANNA brand is present in more than forty countries, being the markets with the largest presence France, Japan and the United States.


Being a global brand made in Spain characterized by original Mediterranean designs that follow the latest fashion trends, while offering the highest quality and best service.


The Mediterranean lifestyle marks the character of our products: The sea and its salt, the sun and its light, the people and their culture. All this is our source of inspiration.

"The sea and its salt; the sun and its light; people and their culture are our source of inspiration"


We work with first quality materials by making our sandals manually with great care

made in Spain

We manufacture 100% in Spain. We protect craftsmanship as it was done 80 years ago

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