Kanna transmits the world a philosophy and lifestyle, trhough a mediterranean traditional footwear design which is able to adapt to the last fashion trends

Made in Spain - Essence

Kanna manufactures all its collections since 30 years ago in the brand's birthplace, the place of "La Encarnación", which belongs to Caravaca de la Cruz town (Murcia). Manufacturing cradle of espadrilles, and use and manufacturing of jute.

The whole productive process takes part in in Spain entirely, working in the best workshops of the country and with local craftwomen, who uses a centennial technique called buttonhole, a hand sewn technique by which the skin is joined to the jute floor.

In Kanna we are aware of with the tradition and local development. We are passionated for the satisfaction of the job which is well done and proud of our values. We are committed with our clients and with a constant pursuit of product excellence that we put in the market.

We are a team formed by more than 70 people that works for the quality of our designs, the production proccess and the excellence in finishing. A team which is together which works with passion to develop unique products that provide the highest comfort and satisfaction after doing a purchase.

Everyday we look for the innovation of the manufacturing process, with the only goal of protecting and keeping the enviroment, taking into account always the importance of our legacy.

In Kanna we keep doing a big part of our work in a handcrafetd way and we combine with the latest technology. With the experience and the good work of our handcrafters we get a high quality in every piece, material and finishing; doing it unique.

Yute - Identidad

The base of our brand and our products manufacturing is the jute, a natural fiber which drinks from a centennial tradition which was born in the northwest of Murcia region, birthplace and main site of our brand.

The soles of our espadrilles, wedges ans sneakers are manufactured in a traditional and handcrafted way, using first quality jute in the soles and floors. 

With the jute's fiber we elaborate spools of thread and in some cases we dye them to get some colorful soles.Afterwards, braids are elaborated by specialized machines especializadas. Later, braids are manufactured manually in a rotary table to get the shape of the sole. This sole is sewn crosswise to give it consistency and finally a layer of natural rubber is added at the base using the vulcanization technique. This proccess also takes part in our zone, keeping the local essence of our brand, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Caravaca de la Cruz is the house and reference of the jute production in Spain, where since some generations ago, it is known they work this material in a handcrafted way totally. It is known as the golden fiber, jute is a 100% natural, biodegradable and recyclable  material. The way to obtain it is totally respectful with the enviroment.

Handcrafted with
buttonhole - Crafts

The current process of making espadrille preserves many similarities with that of centuries ago. The touch of hand-sewn using the technique known as buttonhole stitch is the differential and most easily identifiable point in our summer collections. The buttonhole stitch, made by artisans from the northwest area of Murcia, consists mainly of the union of the different cuts of natural leather to the sole made of jute. Each and every one of our products in which this stitching can be observed, have been made manually by our artisans.

Natual skin - Quality

Being aware of the value of our raw material, we work with the best suppliers, who treat the skins with the greatest respect for the environment, not only through the mechanisms used in the tanning and manufacturing process, but also in the dyes and products used for applied treatments. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of our skin and our commitment to our environment.

Kanna is a brand with a clear vocation of respect for the environment, that is why we only use natural materials in our collections.

Jute fiber, cotton canvas, linen, silk or raffia (among others) are some of the most used materials in our products. Not forgetting the highest quality leathers, which we also use in our models.

In each season a selection of fashionable materials is made, always taking into account market trends. Once they have been cut and trimmed (the sewing process of the different leather cuts), we embody Kanna's personality in our products.


Kanna was founded in 1985 by brothers Juan and Tomás De La Cerda. Our DNA and the basis of Kanna is the artisan manufacture of jute footwear made with the regional technique of buttonhole stitching, joining the sole to the upper through a 100% hand stitching.

Currently Kanna is one of the leading brands in the footwear sector in Spain. Design, quality, comfort and originality define our collections, providing a wide range of products both in summer and winter.

Kanna is located within the natural area of La Encarnación (Caravaca de la Cruz, Region of Murcia), a place recognized for its tradition in the manufacture of high quality jute artisan products.

Known in
All around the world

Kanna is a family brand that has a professional structure organized in the areas: Design, production, logistics, sales, administration and marketing. The Kanna brand is present in more than 50 countries, has more than 5,000 customers and since our origins more than 5 million people walk the Kanna brand around the world.

Our mission is to be a local brand Made in Spain with original designs following the latest fashion trends offering the best quality and excellent service.

Our Design is the
Mediteranean Style

Wearing Kanna is to dress a Mediterranean lifestyle, through a traditional but at the same time avant-garde footwear design, capable of adapting to the latest fashion trends. Without giving up the comfort and naturalness of its components.

The sources where Kanna drinks are the sea and its salt; the sun and its light; the people and their culture. Through our elaborate and careful design we want to transmit our values. Reflect in every detail our legacy and passion for a job well done.

Craft Processes

Natural Tissue

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