Use of Cookies

To use our website it’s necessary to use cookies. Cookies are used In order to improve your browsing experience and collect statistical data anonymously, if you wish you can configure your browser to be warned when receiving cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive.

To use our website, monitoring tools are used though the IP address of the recipient, in order to improve and ensure provision of services and technical operation thereof.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the computer / smartphone / tablet user to access certain sites to store and retrieve information about navigation that takes place from that computer, so we can offer a better user experience.

Type and operation of Cookies that we use in Kanna Shoes

Cookies may be sitting or standing, depending on tenure.

Session Cookies are active only while visiting the site and are deleted from our computer or device when we leave.

Persistent/Permanent Cookies expire when the purpose for which they serve is met or when manually deleted. They have deletion date and are commonly used in the record, to avoid to enter our password continuously.

There are other types of Cookies, ours and thirdparty, depending on who is the entity that manages the equipment or domain from where they are sent and treat the data obtained.

Party cookies are sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us for better functioning of the Web Site Kanna Shoes. The information we collect is used for improve the quality of our service and your experience as a user.

 Thirdparty cookies are also set when interacting with the content of our Web site (for example, to watch videos hosted on another website or by pressing social media icons), which are established by a different domain of our website. We can access to data stored in cookies from other websites when browsing in those websites.

When surfing the web portal Shoes Kanna they can install the following types of Cookies:

Registration Cookies: are created when you register or sign in to Kanna Shoes allowing you to be authenticated regardless if you close the computer.

Advertising Cookies: are used to collect information about ads. They allow you to tailor advertising to the device from which you are accessing.

Analytical Cookies: are used to anonymously collect information on our browsing experience. Through this types of cookies we can count the number of users of the site and its contents. It can also check whether the user is entering is new or repeated visits to certain websites. All of this information is used to help improve navigation and provide better service.

Geolocation cookies: They are used to store geolocation data (country, city, language, etc.) on the computer or device being used.

Managing the configuration and blocking Cookies in your browser

For Microsoft Internet Explorer

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (Windows XP/Vista)

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 7/8 (Windows XP/Vista)

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (Windows 7)


For Mozilla

- Mozilla Firefox


For Google Chrome

- Google Chrome


For Android

- Android


For Blackberry

- Blackberry


For Windows Phone

- Windows Phone


For Safari

- Safari

For Opera

- Opera

What if Cookies are disabled?

Some features of the website will be disabled, for example, remain identified or keep products in the "shopping cart".

Updates and changes in Cookie Policy

Kanna Shoes can change this Policy Cookies based on legislative requirements, regulations, or in order to adapt the policy to instructions given by the Agency Spanish Data Protection, therefore Users are advised to visit it regularly. When significant changes in this policy Cookies occur, users shall be communicated with about the changes through the web or through email to registered users.

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