Laura Opazo

Name: Laura Opazo

Marital status: Happy and content

Age: 39 años

Occupation: I collaborate with different digital media, radio and occasionally also television.

In my day-to-day work I create digital marketing and communication strategies. I have also published a book. Sustainable wardrobe, by Zenith Green.

1. When did you discover you were a K-woman?

Thank you for considering me as such. Honestly, I'm not aware of being one. It's true that since I was very young (I'm talking about since kindergarten) I've been quite anarchic and I didn't like to follow the dictates of the typical group leader. That's why I looked for homogeneous environments of friends in which we could all express ourselves and feel like one more. I never liked unequal relationships and perhaps that rebellious side has always been with me. I was also a bit of a troublemaker and when I had to make demands, I was the first to join in, which didn't always work out well, because sometimes I ended up punished in the headmaster's office.

2. What is the one thing you did, against all odds, hearing "you're going to crash" that you are more aware of now than you were then?

Mmm, when I say something in my environment, I do it for information, I don't ask for permission. On occasion I may have been told that maybe I was making a mistake, but I have moved on, because when I embark on something I believe in, I do it with all the consequences. I think it's good to listen to advice, especially when it comes from love and experience. However, it is often given from limiting beliefs and in reality they are fears that others project onto oneself.

3. What advice would you give to women who want to do something they really want to do but are held back by fear?

Fear paralyses, it's inaction, leave it for Halloween. In any case, if something doesn't go the way you wanted it to, what's the worst thing that can happen? I'm sure it's not a drama either because you always learn something from it. Besides, you learn to lose fear by practising, just like riding a bike.

4. When you grew up, did you want to be?

A lot of things. If you asked me in professional terms, I could say singer, vet, writer, nun, jeweller, actress (to live all those lives)....

But to be honest, I was more in the present than ever and I didn't project myself in any way other than enjoying life.

5. Does age make us...?

In my case I notice that I'm more distrustful, perhaps because of life's ups and downs. I try not to adulterate myself and keep that jovial and innocent spirit I had as a child, although sometimes it's hard. Even so, I keep my finger on the pulse because I think that attitude is important and one should not let oneself be spoilt by life's circumstances. I also have a better sweet tooth. Before I didn't like sweets at all and now I notice that it's hard for me to skip dessert ????.

6. How do you see the little future K-women? What would you say to them?

Be free, believe in your abilities, try to contribute positively (if what you are going to say or do doesn't add up, avoid it) and lose the fear of failing, we are not infallible and it is part of our charm.

7. Do you have any regrets / would you do anything differently?

I think the good or bad decisions I have made have brought me this far and to be honest, I have no regrets whatsoever.  I may regret not saying things at the right time because sometimes I don't want to hurt and offend and the ball gets bigger.

8. Your favourite book?

There are many books that have left their mark on me. But I will say Siddhartha because every time I have read it, it has given me something new.

9. The trip of a lifetime?

Well, I'm a very fun-loving person, so I don't care if it's to the bakery around the corner or to the Conchinchina. I remember very fondly a trip to Israel with my friend Laura. Everything happened to us, literally, but it was very enriching.

10. Do you have a female icon?

My grandmother, my mother and all my friends who juggle every day to reconcile work and family life without any advantages or help.

11. What is a day in the life of LAURA OPAZO like?

I am very organised and constant because I have so much to do that I need to keep to a routine. From 9am to 5pm I sit in front of the computer and then I try to do sport, it's my physical and mental gymnastics. That's my physical and mental gymnastics. If I can meet someone during the week, it gives me life, but in the end, I usually leave the social part for the weekends.

12. What's on your "to do" list?

A documentary programme that I have in mind, discovering new places, places and flavours, taking more time to take care of my close environment, more surfing lessons, which I love, going to a yoga retreat, getting my license, which is something I'm lazy about, but I think it's very necessary, learning to cook decent food...

13. You close your eyes and you see...

Happy and fulfilled old lady.

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