Kanna Green

Do you know Kanna Green? Discover Kanna's sustainable initiative

At Kanna we want to lead the environmental initiative and be a reference model for other brands and sectors. To this end, we have been working for a long time on different initiatives and projects with the aim of making our products as sustainable as possible and with an almost zero environmental footprint.

From the use of sustainable materials, the use of useless waste such as rice husks or coffee grounds, the adoption of eco-design notions, to the use of our own shoes at the end of their useful life to make new shoes.

Life Kanna Green, a shoe with a minimal footprint

Discover our most ambitious project, an environmental and social commitment. This is a project under the LIFE programme of the European Union, based on a circular economy model, and with which KANNA becomes the first brand to collect its shoes after use and use them in the manufacture of new shoes, thus closing the circle.

Our social commitment

Within the Life Kanna Green programme, we help people at risk of social and labour exclusion to find work, through collaboration with Cambio Circular, a company dedicated to this purpose, belonging to Proyecto Abraham. We also donate those shoes that can be used again, collected through our green container, to people or families with few resources in collaboration with Proyecto Abraham and other associations or NGOs.

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