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Although the style of both shoes is very similar, each has a different origin. Loafers originate from shoes worn by Native Americans. It is a shoe characterized by the absence of laces or any other type of fastening. They are usually leather and hard sole, although there are currently a wide variety of designs.

On the other hand, bluchers, also known as Derby shoes,is a type of shoe that belongs to the branch of the British shoe style. But, despite being of this style, the origin of the bluchers comes from Prussia. Their style is currently trending, as they are british or British cut, a style that is very fashionable all over the world.

Both shoes, Kanna Shoes,have designed them to be very versatile, so that they combine with all kinds of looks and clothing sets, from the most formal as can be a suit, as one much more casual combined with jeans.

Kanna loafers and bluchers are designed to be comfortable and versatile, so they are footwear that can be worn daily or for special occasions. In addition to being made to be used both in summer and even winter season.


The engine of Kanna is the complete satisfaction of our customers, that is why we want the purchase in our online store to be an experience to your liking. Otherwise, we have free shipping and returns.


From Kanna Shoes we are looking forward to meeting you. Don't run out of seasonal shoes, loafers and bluchers Kanna. . You can get to know us a little more and know all our news in @kannashoes and share a photo of your full look with our moccassions and bluchers using the hasthag #KannaShoes.

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