Kanna Green


At Kanna Shoes we are committed to environmental sustainability. That's why Green is Kanna born.

Kanna Green originates through the thinking and philosophy of local, family and traditional business committed to the environment and its sustainability. Since Kanna we created a circular economy project in which shoes are produced and made using recycled shoes and plant fabrics. Jute represents our identity and is the fundamental material with which we make our footwear. So, it is a process of manufacture and production that respects 100% of the environment.

The goal of Kanna Green is to:

- Preserve the craftsmanship of our shoes.

- Equality and importance of value for money. It shouldn't be a luxury to have quality products and durability.

- Innovate, always chasing the creation of 100% eco-friendly footwear.

- Transparency. We are certified by renowned organizations as a company that meets the requirements of environmental and social respect.

Since Kanna Green we are very committed to sustainable production, since our origins are traditional and our production is entirely handcrafted, hand in hand with the best technologies to offer competitive and best quality footwear and products.


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