Rechtlicher Hinweis

The use of this web site is subject to the following conditions of use. We ask him to read them attentivly. The fact of acceding to this web site and of using the materials contained in her implies that you have read and agrees, unreservedly someone, these conditions.

In some case, the utilization of someone of the spaces or services contained in this web site can be subject to particular conditions of utilization.

1.- Conditions of Use

    East web site contains materials prepared by CAPICCIO S.L. with die only informative. The user must bear in mind that such materials could not reflect the most recent legislative or juriprudential condition on the analyzed questions. Likewise, these materials can be modified, developed or updated without previous notification.

    The materials contained in this web site cannot be considered, in any case, since substitute of legal advice or of another nature. The access to these materials neither tries to constitute nor implies any relation either between attorney and client, or any other type of confidence relation or professionally between CAPICCIO S.L. and the user of this web site. For it, the user must not act on the base of the information contained in the same one, without resorting before to the corresponding professional advice. Likewise, the user must not send to CAPICCIO S.L. any type of confidential information without having consulted it before with anyone of our attorneys and having received of same authorization to send the above mentioned information.

    The links or links that contains this web site they can lead the user to other sites and web pages managed by third parties, on that CAPICCIO S.L. does not exercise any type of control. CAPICCIO S.L. answers neither of the contents nor of the condition of the above mentioned sites and web pages, and the access to the same ones across this web site does not imply either that CAPICCIO S.L.recomiende or it approves his contents.


2.- Disclaimer

    The one who uses this web site, does it for his own account and risk. CAPICCIO S.L., his partners, collaborators, employees and representatives do not take responsibility of the mistakes or omissions from that the contents could suffer this web site or other contents to which it could accede across the same one.CAPICCIO S.L., his partners, collaborators, employees and representatives will be able to be considered to be persons in charge neither by any hurts derived from the utilization of this web site, nor for any action realized on the base of the information that in her is facilitated.

    CAPICCIO S.L. does not guarantee the absence of virus or other harmful elements that could cause hurts or alterations in the IT system, in the electronic documents or in the files of the user of this web site. In consequence, CAPICCIO S.L. does not answer for the hurts and prejudices that such elements could cause to the user or to third parties.


3.- Laws of Intellectual Property

©CAPICCIO S.L. All rights reserved.

    The totality of the content of this web site, already are texts, images, sound, files, brands, logos, combinations of colors, or any another element, his structure and design, the selection and form of presentation of the materials included in the same one, and the programs of computer necessary for his functioning, access and utilization, they are protected by rights of industrial and intellectual property, CAPICCIO's ownership S.L. or, in his case, of his licenciantes, which the user of this web site must respect.

    Especially, but without limiting the generality of the obligation of the user expressed in the previous paragraph, there remain prohibited the reproduction, except for private use, the transformation, distribution, public communication put at the disposal of the public and in general any other form of exploitation, for any procedure, of everything or part of the contents of this web site, as well as of his design and the selection and form of presentation of the materials included in the same one. These acts of exploitation only will be able to be realized if the express authorization happens CAPICCIO S.L. and providing that there is done explicit reference to CAPICCIO's ownership S.L. of the indicated rights of intellectual property.

    It can only likewise prohibited descompilar, desensamblar, to realize inverse engineering, to transmit anyhow, to translate or to realize works derived from the programs of computer necessary for the functioning, access and utilization of this web site and of the services in her contained, as well as to realize, with regard to everything or part of such programs, any of the acts of exploitation recounted in the previous paragraph. The user of the web site will have to abstain from suppressing in any case, to alter, to elude or to manipulate any device of protection or safety systems that could be installed in the same one.


4.- Protection of Information

    The information that receives CAPICCIO S.L. of the users of this web site, across the on-line consultations or the sending of forms curriculares, is treated by the maximum confidentiality. In case of the on-line consultations, this information is used exclusively to answer to the raised questions; and in the supposition of the reference of forms curriculares, in order to carry out the candidates' selection. The received information is not used for any other end.

    CAPICCIO S.L. does not use cookies to accede to information relative to the users of the web site. Nevertheless, it saves itself the right to modify his criterion with regard to the use of cookies.

CAPICCIO S.L. *En case of which yes the cookies are in use, we suggest: CAPICCIO S.L. reserves the right of utilization of the "cookies called", in any type of utilization of the Portal. The cookies are small files of information that are generated in the computer of the user and that allow us to know the following information:

-  The date and the hour of the last time that the user visited our Web.

-  The design of contents that the user chose in his first sight to our Web.

-  Safety elements that intervene in the control of access to the restricted areas.

-  Nevertheless obstante, it informs the Users of the possibility of rejecting this utilization in his IT terminal.

Across these "cookies" the rest of users once these registered can see if you are or not connected and thus to contact you major fluency and rapidity.

    Some of the services included in this web site and, especially, the reference of forms curriculares, they demand the withdrawal of personal information. For the presentation of these services, CAPICCIO S.L. precise to obtain of the user certain information that are considered to be indispensable. During the process of withdrawal of the information, the user will be informed about the necessary character of the same ones. If this obligatory information is not facilitated, there will not be possible the presentation of such services.

    CAPICCIO S.L., Department of Human Resources, Lorca's Way, 6 *La Incarnation - Caravaca of the Cross 30410 (Murcia) (Spain). The request will have to contain the following information: name and surnames of the user, domicile to effects of notifications, photocopy of the Identity card or passport, and concrete content of the exercised right.


5.- Observations of the User

The User guarantees that the information, material, contents or observations that are not his own personal information and that are facilitated addressed to CAPICCIO S.L. across the Portal, do not infringe the Laws of Intellectual or Industrial Property of third parties, not no other legal disposition.

The information, materials, contents or observations that the User facilitates addressed to CAPICCIO S.L., will be considered to be not confidential, saving itself CAPICCIO S.L. the right to use them of the form that he considers to be more suitable.

6.- Minors

The minors still have it no admittance and use of the portal, CAPICCIO S.L. establishes a method of blockade of record to those 18-year-old minor persons, and does not take responsibility of the veracity and accuracy of the information refilled by the USER. CAPICCIO S.L. remembers to the major users of age who have to his post minor that it will be of his exclusive responsibility to determine what services and / or contents are or not adapted for the age of the above mentioned.

CAPICCIO S.L. they informs that there exist IT programs that allow to leak and to block the access to it determines two contents and services, in such a way that the parents, for example, can decide which are the contents and services of the Portal to which his children can have access and which not.

7.- Juristiction

The present conditions are written in english, and are submitted to the Spanish in force legislation. For any type of controversy derived from the utilization of the offered services, own contents of the portal as well as of the interruption or execution of the present conditions, the parts surrender expressly to the jurisdiction and competition of the courts with legal authority in the locality of fulfillment of the obligation. 

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